Here are some of the questions our Support team gets asked frequently


Can I evaluate Core on a trial basis?
Yes. You can sign up for Core on a 15-day trial period and explore all its features.

Anytime during your trial period, you can subscribe to the paid version. If you do not sign up within this period, your account is deactivated. All the users will be locked out of the system, except for the owner of the account. The owner is able to go into the account and reactivate the subscription. We retain your data for 60 days. After that, your data will be deleted and we will have no way to recover it.
How safe is my data in Core?
We take all precautions to keep your information safe and secure. Our state-of-the-art redundant server cluster is hosted and professionally managed by Rackspace, a recognized leader in high-end hosting.
What is the subscription cost of Core?
BQE Software charges subscribers monthly depending on the type of package and you can choose to pay monthly, quarterly or yearly. All the plans and pricing options are available on the Core website.
How do we purchase Core? What types of payments are acceptable?
You can purchase each subscription for a monthly price and choose to pay monthly, quarterly or yearly. All the plans and pricing options are available on the Core website. You can use credit cards like Visa, MasterCard, Amex or Discover to make your payments online or pay by check or money order by calling our sales professionals.
Can I create more than one company? If yes, do I need to pay for each company I create?
Yes, as an owner of the account, you can create multiple companies using the same login credentials. However, each company needs to be licensed separately.
How can I upgrade my account?
You can upgrade your account from the Manage Subscriptions screen in Core under your company menu on the top-right.
Are there any hidden sign-up fees or termination fees?
No, we do not charge sign-up fees, termination fees or any other fees. The price you pay is simply the fixed fee based on the packages you have chosen.
Do you store my credit card details?
For automatic renewals, you have the option to save your credit card information linked to your account details. If you prefer not to use the automatic renewal option, you do not need to save the credit card details
Can I view my payment details?
The Core account owner can log in to view the account management screen and check the billing information. All the invoices and payments posted to the account are listed there.
Can I change my subscription plan?
You can buy additional licenses at any time by going into Manage Subscriptions screen. However, if you want to reduce your licenses, you can do so only when you renew your subscription.
What happens to my data if I cancel my subscription?
When you cancel your subscription, all your data remains in Core for 60 days, although you won't be able to access it. However, prior to your cancellation, you can export your data using the Export feature within Core wherever available.
How do I delete my account?
To delete your account, log into Core and go to your company menu. Select Account > Manage Subscriptions and then cancel your subscription from there.
If I forget my password, how do I reset it?
Click on the Forgot Password link on the Core Sign In page. Use this option to receive an email to your registered email address with the password reset link. After resetting the password, you will be able to log in to your Core account with your new password.
Can I change my email address and password?
Yes, you can change your login credentials (email address and password) anytime by visiting your user profile under your company menu.
Can I change the owner of my Core account?
The owner is the person who originally sets up your Core account and company. The account owner is the only person who can upgrade plans, change credit card billing information and cancel accounts. You can transfer the ownership to another user by going to the Manage Users screen.
Can I change my Core URL?
The URL is provided by BQE Software and cannot be customized.
Is there a limit to the number of users I can add to my company?
Core supports an unlimited number of users. These users can log in and work simultaneously on the web and mobile application.
How do I invite employees to Core?
You can add users or invite other employees of your company to Core if you are the Owner of the account or Admin User. You can do so from the Manage Users screen under your company menu > Account.
How do I invite consultants to work in Core?
You can add outside consultants or contractors to Core if you are the Owner of the account or Admin User. This helps them track their time on the projects worked for you. You can do so from the Manage Users screen under your company menu > Account. When you send an invitation, they can accept that and sign up for their account.
If we stop using Core, what deletion policy do you have for our documents and company database?
When Core is the default document storage provider, all documents get deleted after 60 days. We can upload your documents to your cloud storage for a nominal fee. We do not delete any documents when Google Drive or Dropbox is your storage provider. Your company data file gets deleted after 60 days.
What document cloud storage packages do you offer?
Core comes with a complimentary 2 GB storage for your documents. However, we offer 100 GB and 500 GB paid storage packages in Core. You can also use your own Google Drive or Dropbox storage accounts as an alternative. This can be configured in Global Settings.
Can you extend my trial period for Core?
We offer a 15-day free trial with our software so that you can explore all its features before purchasing it, but it cannot be extended beyond those 15 days. You can only sign-up for another free trial using a new email address.


Can we install Core on our own server?
No, because Core is a hosted model. We maintain the servers, security, updates and improvements so that you do not have to worry about anything.
Does Core work on Mac?
Yes. Core is a web-based, cloud software solution and you can access it via the Internet on any compatible web browser, irrespective of the device (Mac, PC, laptop or mobile phone) or operating system (Mac OS, Windows, Linux, Ubuntu, iOS or Android).
Can I access Core on a tablet or mobile phone?
Yes, Core is a web-based, cloud software solution and hence you can access it via the Internet on any compatible web browser, irrespective of the device (computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone). However, for mobile, we recommend using the app on your smartphone (iPhone, Android phone, etc.). You can download the Core Mobile app from iTunes or Google Play. Download them here
How do I update or upgrade my software?
Core is a web-based, cloud software solution and hence you are always going to be on the latest version. We do the software updates automatically in the background on a regular basis.
How do I switch to Core?
BQE offers data migration services for a nominal fee.
Is there a charge for data migration from another software?
Yes, there is a fee for the data migration services. Our Data Migration Team will provide the price of migration prior to purchasing the service.
Are there any training courses available for Core?
Yes, there are various training courses available to fit your needs, budget and preferences. Please see our Training Services for more.
Do you provide phone support?
Yes, your Core subscription includes email support as well as phone support. You do not need to purchase any support plan separately.
How do I get help related to the program other than phone support?
Your subscription to Core includes email and phone support. There is also a context-sensitive help file available within the program. You can also watch the Core how-to videos on the website.
Where and how can I download Core?
Core does not need to be downloaded since it is 100% cloud-hosted application. All you have to do is just sign up for a new account on our website. You can also install the Core Mobile app from the:
Should I switch from your legacy application to Core now?
Core is a new product, so we definitely recommend you to start by creating a 15-day free trial and see if it is a good fit for your company. As your current licenses and subscriptions from existing BQE applications are transferable anytime, we recommend reaching out to your Account Manager to discuss your migration options. We can migrate your existing data into Core for a nominal fee.
Do you provide phone support?
Yes, the cost of Core includes email support as well as phone support. You do not need to purchase any support plan separately.
How do I get help related to the program other than phone support?
Your subscription to Core includes email and phone support. There is also a context-sensitive help file available within the program. You can also join the Core User Group on Facebook to interact with other Core users and BQE product specialists.


Can I delete a list item?
Yes, you can delete an item unless it is referenced or used elsewhere in the Core database. Select the items or records on the grid that you want to delete and click Actions > Delete.
Can I add more than one tax to an item?
Yes, you can add multiple taxes to an item, such as Tax 1, Tax 2, and Tax 3, besides the main taxes, Main Service Tax and Main Expense Tax. Taxes can be set up at the global, client, and project level.
Can I set up and associate multiple income accounts for my items?
No, you can specify only one income account per item. However, you can set up accounts at the global level and then override that at the project or entry level.


My bank feeds are broken. What should I do?
Try to log in to your bank account on your bank’s website. If you have any problem there, you should take up that with your financial institution. After that, update your credentials in Core using the Bank Feeds screen.
While fetching the bank feeds, do you store our credentials?
No, BQE Software does not store your credentials. Core works with a third-party online banking solutions service provider that collaborates with other banks to provide you with bank feeds. While fetching the bank feeds, it uses your credentials to gather your bank statements, which are passed onto Core in an encrypted form for security reasons. All along, your data is protected.
Can I import my bank statements within Core?
Yes, you can import your bank statement in Core using the Bank Feeds screen.
Can I transfer payments from the un-deposited funds to my bank account in Core?
Yes, you can do so from the Fund Transfers screen.
Can I delete my bank account in Core?
Yes, you can do so from the Bank Feeds or Chart of Accounts screen. Please note that if you stop the bank feeds, it will not delete your transactions. If you cancel your bank account and open a new one, you have to do the same in Core. You cannot transfer transactions from your old bank account to the new one.
The amount in Core and my bank account do not match. What is the problem?
If you have added a bank account in Core, you can fetch the feeds for the past 90 days only. If the amount in Core does not match the actual amount available in your bank account, this might be because of the transactions carried out before the past 90 days. You can record the balance amount in the Bank Feeds screen by adding a transaction or reconcile your accounts using the Account Reconciliations screen.


When can I use vendor credits?
As the name says, vendor credits are credits received from your vendors. In other words, the vendor owes you cash. Vendor credits can be recorded to track the money you are owed until it is either paid by that vendor later or deducted from any bill due to that vendor in future.

Purchase Orders

When do I create a purchase order?
Purchase orders are generally created when you have to buy items for your business. It is a financial document issued to the vendor and contains information such as items purchased, quantity and price.


Can I pay a bill partially?
Yes, you can pay a portion of the bill amount; such bills are termed as Partially Paid.
Can Core generate recurring bills?
Yes, you can memorize bills in Core and set up recurring transactions with the desired frequency.
When do we need recurring bills?
Recurring bills can be used when you have to make periodic fixed payments, such as monthly rent. They can be memorized and then auto generated in Core as per the set schedule.
Can I record a negative bill in Core?
A bill represents money that you owe your vendor while a negative bill represents money that your vendor owes you. Vendor credits can be used instead of a negative bill.


Can I pay my expenses via checks in Core?
Yes, you can pay the reimbursable expenses to your employees via checks. You can also pay your vendors and clients via checks.
Can I print my checks in Core?
You can print your checks in Core. Make sure to set the correct paper size in your printer settings.
Can I re-print a check with the same check number?
Yes, you can but only if you first void and delete the existing check.


Where can I view the transactions for a particular account?
You can view all transactions and their details in the respective account registers found under the Accounting menu or from the Chart of Accounts screen.


Who can enter expenses in Core?
Core allows both employees and vendors to enter expenses. However, it is uncommon for vendors to record expenses directly in your company database. Instead, they send bills and you can enter them as vendor bills.
When do I mark an expense as billable?
When you incur an expense and plan to charge it to the client as per the project contract, it is marked as billable. This expense is logged and then billed to the client.
Can I track my expenses in multiple currencies?
Yes, Core allows you to log and track expenses in multiple currencies. Therefore, while you have a default home currency, you can enter expenses in a foreign currency. Our Currency Manager handles the exchange rates and multipliers involved.


Can I log time for other users?
You can log time for other users if you have the security permissions to do so. For instance, managers or supervisors can be granted permissions to log time for their team.
Can I add bulk time entries?
Yes, in Core you can add bulk time entries for projects and employees.
How do I set the first day of the week for my time sheets?
You can do so from your company menu > Settings > Global Settings screen. Select the First Day of the Week option on its User Interface page.


Can I customize my invoices?
Yes, after selecting the desired template, you can customize your invoices to some extent in Core. For example, you can change the font size or add a logo.
Can I offer discounts on invoices?
Yes, you can. Discounts can be applied in the Invoices screen when creating an invoice.
Can Core generate recurring invoices?
Yes, you can memorize invoices in Core and set up recurring invoices with the desired frequency. You can do so from the Recurring Invoices screen.
Where can I view all the written-off invoices?
All your written-off invoices are saved in Core as paid invoices. You can view them from the Reports screen by applying the ‘Payment Method’ filter.


If I want to charge my client’s credit card, can I do so in Core?
No, you cannot charge your client’s credit card in Core. However, you can record credit card payments via the Payments screen.
What is the difference between recurring invoices and automatic invoices?
If you are charging your clients the same amount for the same type of work on a regular basis, you can simplify the billing process by setting up recurring invoices. This will generate invoices at a specific interval for a fixed amount. On the other hand, automatic invoices automate the billing process by allowing you to schedule your billing at specific intervals for the calculated amount, which depends on the logged time and expenses.


I have some custom reports that I paid for. Will these migrate to Core with my data or do I have to customize my reports again?
At this time, Core does not support importing custom reports from other platforms.

Data Integration

Can I export data from Core?
Yes, you can export data, including your reports and invoices, to Microsoft Excel or a .CSV file. Besides exporting, you can also synchronize your data with other accounting programs, such as QuickBooks and MYOB AccountRight.
Does Core integrate with QuickBooks desktop?
No. At this time, Core only integrates with QuickBooks Online.
Does Core integrate with QuickBooks Online?
Yes. Core is an Intuit-approved program and is listed on the Intuit App Center. When you choose to try Core from the App Center, you are immediately provided with the essentials to start integrating data in no time.
Can a company in Core be linked to multiple QuickBooks Online companies at the same time?
No. Only one Core company can be linked to one QuickBooks Online company at a time.


In Core, do we have to set up our own SMTP relay or configure SMTP credentials to send or receive emails?
No, you do not need to set up SMTP server credentials or SMTP relay information in Core to use its email feature. We use our own SMTP server that handles this securely on your behalf. Also, Core allows you to only send emails, not receive them. You can use the Message feature to send and receive messages internally.
Does Core allow us to send emails with attachments? Is there a limit on the size of outgoing emails?
Yes. Through our email server, Core supports many popular content formats for attachments, including documents, images, audio and video files, etc. The maximum outgoing email size is 5 MB. This includes any attachments that are part of the message.
Is there a limit on the number of recipients per email message?
Yes. You can specify a maximum of 50 recipients for every message you send. The combined total number of To, CC and BCC recipients must not exceed 50. If you need to send an email to more than 50 recipients, then you have to send multiple messages.
What is SSL and will it keep my communication absolutely secure? Why do I see https instead of http in my browser?
Secure Socket Layer (SSL) are cryptographic protocols that provide security for communications over networks such as the Internet. https is way to tell the browser and server to communicate using SSL.


Is my data secure in Core?
Yes. We take all reasonable precautions to keep your information safe and secure. Our state-of-the-art redundant server cluster is hosted and professionally managed by Rackspace, AWS and Microsoft Azure. All of them are recognized leaders in cloud services and high-end managed hosting.
How is my data secured in Core? Can you provide some details?

Core’s servers are located within enterprise-grade hosting facilities that employ robust physical security controls to prevent physical access to the servers they house. These controls include 24/7 monitoring and surveillance, on-site security staff and regular ongoing security audits. Core maintains multiple geographically separated data replicas and hosting environments to minimize the risk of data loss or outages. If an unlikely event occurs, such as an entire hosting facility failure, we can switch over quickly to a backup site to keep Core and your business running. Our servers transmit data securely, across encrypted links.

Data is encrypted using industry-standard TLS (Transport Layer Security) with multiple layers of security controls including firewalls, intrusion protection systems and network segregation. Access to our data centers and servers is controlled and monitored 24/7 by humans and computers, thus protecting your personal and financial data. We also perform regular security audits. Your data is also secured at rest when it is stored on our servers, and encrypted when we transfer it between data centers for backup and replication.

No one has access to your organization’s data unless you invite them into your company file. You control who accesses what in Core. Subject to our privacy policy, we don’t share your personal or financial information unless you give us permission. Our customer support staff cannot access your information unless you invite them to help.

We provide standard access to the Core software through a login and password. We follow a strong password policy and ensure user authentication in every possible way.

Our Security Team proactively monitors security systems, event logs, notifications and alerts from all systems to identify and manage threats.

Can I back up my own data? How often is my data backed up?
You cannot back up your data on your own. It is stored on firewall-protected, redundant servers so that your data is safe from hardware and software failures, hackers and viruses. We back up your data every day. Full and incremental backups are done continuously in the following intervals: weekly, daily, hourly and 6 minutes. Online backups are stored in multiple secure locations.
I would like to have a backup of my company data file. What are my options?
For a nominal fee, we can provide a backup file to the customer. Please contact our Sales Team or your Sales Rep to get a quote and further instructions.
Can I keep certain users from seeing specific areas in the app? How do we set permissions?
Core provides extensive security permissions for all features and reports. This allows you to specify who sees what in the application. You can give anyone permission to access all or selective areas of various screens using the Security screen under your company menu.
What kind of database architecture do you use for Core?
Core ties with state of the art RDBMS providers to deliver the most stable, efficient and optimized database storage to its users.
Where are your servers located?
Our data servers are strategically located across the world to offer the fastest service to its users.

Existing User

What is BQE Core and how is different from my existing BQE product?
BQE Core is the groundbreaking cloud-based business management solution built specifically for professional service firms. It is the latest offering from BQE Software.To learn more about BQE Core, click here.

BQE Core is the next, logical step to all existing BQE product users. It includes all the major features from existing BQE products and introduces many new features that are not available in any of the legacy BQE products. BQE Core offers features like bank feeds, cloud documents, full feature native mobile apps for iOS and Android etc. Also, the fact that BQE Core is based on modern API platform presents endless opportunities for future integrations with all popular applications and platforms.
Is there a free trial available for BQE Core?
Yes, BQE Core offers a free, 15-day no obligation trial. We do not ask for any credit card information and do not turn off any features while you are trying out the application.
Is there a free trial available for BQE Core that lets me try the application with existing data?
Yes, existing BQE users would also get 15-day no obligation free trial every time they migrate to BQE Core.
What is the migration path for existing users?
Existing desktop users can use the BQE Migration utility to move their data to BQE Core. It can be downloaded from here. However, users of our online products will be provided with an in-app option to migrate to BQE Core. For both sets of users, all company data including master lists, budgets, fee schedules, invoices, payment , checks, deposits etc. will be moved to BQE Core. On successful completion of the migration, users are provided with immediate access to the application and are not required to perform any further setup.
How long does it take to migrate my data to BQE Core?
It depends upon the volume of the data that is being migrated. Most company files are migrated within minutes but users that have existing data that spans many years might see a migration time of an hour or more. However, the migration does not stop users from using the existing application and runs in the background. Users are automatically notified via email when migration is completed along with the instructions and links to the BQE Core company and other resources.
What exactly is migrated to BQE Core?
We would basically migrate all your data and make sure it works as expected in BQE Core. Although, BQE Core navigation and UI experience is different than your existing product, we have ensured that every data point in your existing application finds a home in Core. Please contact BQE support for documentation that outlines data mapping between your application and BQE Core. All the physical documents that are linked as attachments to your existing records will be moved to BQE cloud document servers and hosted free of charge for the length of the trial.
Are all the users of my current application migrated too?
Only the owner account is able to login to the migrated company file automatically. However, the owner can send invite to additional users.
Can I continue to use my existing BQE product after I move my data to BQE Core?
Yes, the migration utility does not impose any restrictions on using the existing company during or after migration. However, users would be required to do a fresh migration if they make changes to the existing company file and want the changes to migrate to BQE Core.
Is there a way to sync my data back to my account after I migrated to BQE Core?
No, currently we only offer a one-way migration path to BQE Core.
Is there a limit on the number of times I can migrate my data to BQE Core?
There is no limit on the number of migrations that can be performed on any existing product company to BQE Core. However, BQE Core would only retain the latest version of the migration and discard any previous migrations.
Does migrating to BQE Core change anything in my current product company?
No, the existing product will continue to work as before. Users would be able to access the current company and perform all daily tasks like earlier.
What happens to my custom reports and invoices? Will they move too?
Custom invoices and reports will not move to BQE Core. However, BQE Custom reports department would be able to perform a template transition for a nominal fee.
How does the BQE Core subscription model work?
BQE Core offers 4 robust subscription packages that are designed to match the user’s role in the company. These packages are Manager, Billing, Time and Expense and Accounting. Users will be able to purchase monthly and yearly subscriptions for their users according to the role they perform in the company.
How do I permanently move my company to BQE Core?
Existing users would be provided with a no-obligation, free 15 day trial to test BQE Core with their existing data. Users would have the option to discontinue the trial or move permanently to BQE Core at the end of 15 days. In case of permanent move to BQE Core, BQE would offer credits for its existing users that will be redeemable towards purchase of BQE Core package subscriptions. Please contact your sales rep. for full details about the amount that can be redeemed as credits. Please note these credits are calculated on the basis of remaining time on any existing BQE Subscription and are valid for a specific period.

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