Less Admin, Better Business Experience

Artificial Intelligence powered by CORE makes that possible.

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Powered by the latest innovations in machine learning, CORE Intelligence is a feature that lets you use your voice to get deeper insights beyond question and answers. It gives suggestions about your business, from project financials to ways for improving staff performance. It's conversation with a purpose.

Use Your Voice to Get Work Done Anywhere, Instantly

Just tell CORE Intelligence what you need done or what you want to know about your business and you'll get answers without ever logging onto a computer. Imagine having business answers instantly, anywhere you are.
Have human-like conversations unlike ever before. It's just like having your very own business analyst without the cost.

Your Virtual Business Analyst Without the Cost

Stay informed about company financials, to-do's and much more, allowing you to make smarter business decisions and course corrections to ensure maximum success.
CORE Intelligence becomes smarter with increased usage. The more questions you ask, the better it gets to know your business. This empowers you to elevate your business by operating more efficiently.

Receive Deeper Insights Beyond Just Answers

CORE Intelligence delivers answers to questions you didn't even know to ask. It looks deeply into your business to draw associations which would otherwise be overlooked through conventional usage.
For example, instead of just reading a calendar event with a client, CORE Intelligence will also remind you of a past-due invoice also linked to that client, providing you valuable information that can commonly be overlooked.

Be in Command of Your Business

In addition to delivering actionable insights,
CORE Intelligence can actually help you do your
work more easily.
Some of the tasks you can command
CORE Intelligence to do include:
Create time entries
  • Assign staff members to a particular project
Assign staff members to a particular project
Generate a report

Access CORE Intelligence From The Devices You Already Have

You can talk to CORE Intelligence about your business any time through a Google Assistant-connected device, such as:
  • Smartphone
  • Google home speakers
  • Smart displays
  • Smart TV
  • Vehicles
  • Smartwatch

See What People Are Saying About CORE Intelligence

"The ability to answer questions you didn't even know to ask has long been an issue for business owners. CORE AI solves that."

Leslie Shiner, The Shiner Group

"Not only does BQE CORE track all your project and financial data, the AI features act like a genius assistant that helps you gain new insights into your business."

Doug Sleeter, Sleeter Group

"I can determine staffing issues or project issues by just asking a question. This has taken our business to a new level."

Alexis Webb, i.T Architects

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